Proudies Foundation

Warrick Proudlove

Warrick is a Great Southern football product from North Albany who was part of Claremont's 2011 senior playing list with a bright future at the club.

Warrick was involved in a serious car accident on the night of Friday 15th July, 2011 just north of Mount Barker on his way home for the weekend. Warrick was a passenger in a car that hit a horse before running into a tree. He was the only person injured in the accident even though there were other cars involved. Warrick was airlifted to Royal Perth Hospital that night and kept in the ICU.

Warrick was on life support for a few weeks with multiple operations to help keep the pressure off his brain, as his head wore the most damage from the accident. His skull was removed to help relieve the pressure on his brain and then a shunt (permanent drain) was placed in his body for future recovery.

Warrick's care on ongoing physical therapy doesn't come cheap and we need your help. He is slowly making progress which has been possible due to the generosity of our community in providing the much needed funds - but we still need help. Please donate to keep Warrick's progress moving forward - we greatly appreciate your help!


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