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A Great Result!

by Valerie Haskins

Posted on 10/04/2016 02:52 PM

What a match of footy last night! WCE 92 FD 59 - Warrick and Kev couldn't have had better seats!
We cannot thank the entirety of WCE enough for the support they have shown the Proudlove family, and we know they'll all be fighting over who gets to sit next Warrick at Domain Stadium this home and away season!

Warrick had a good night and kept mostly out of the rain, and was quick and strong with his yes/no blink responses, which was fantastic to see! We were all pretty chuffed WCE got up too!

the Swim for Proudie team have done it again!

by Valerie Haskins

Posted on 19/03/2016 04:15 PM

In case swimming to Rotto once wasn't enough, Harry Garland and the Swim for Proudie team have done it again! This time in the Port to Pub 20km swim. These legends made the crossing in 4 hours 30 minutes, winning their category and coming second over all! Massive effort guys - the Proudlove family and all of us at Proudies Foundation cannot thank you all enough for your incredible efforts to continue raising awareness and funds to further Warrick's rehabilitation.

First placed mixed team of six!! Fantastic effort from the Swim for Proudie team and great props from Peter Bell at the presentations. Thanks to the ?#‎porttopub?? for organising a fantastic event. ?#‎swimforproudie?? Harry Garland Christopher GuardSimon Hunt Adelaide Garland Peter Gretzky Jamieson Jake Lynch

Your strength is inspiring! You are our heroes! Thank you doesn't even cut it x

Rottnest Swimmers do us PROUD!!

by Valerie Haskins

Posted on 27/02/2016 04:36 PM

Thanks to Kevin Proudlove who reported live from Rotto with Waz and Trish. Chris Guard came first in his category. Harry Garland has arrived safe and not far behind chris. Girls have also arrived safely. Funds raised to now $22800. Feeling pretty damn proud of everyone in team Proudies. Show your strength.
Fundraising Legends. Thanks a million xx

Today's the day, they are swimming now!

Posted on 27/02/2016 07:30 AM

Thanks to everyone, Harry and the team raised their target and have now passed it! $20k+ for Waz and still climbing, thanks to you all for making a difference and these guys are champions xxxx

5 boats, 9 swimmers, 10 paddlers, 12 crew 5 skippers and many supporters - the whole Swim for Proudie team will be on the way to Rottnest in 14 hours! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the cause!

Please read Kevin and Trish's heart-felt message

Posted on 25/02/2016 02:58 PM

Warrick is working hard with these amazing, dedicated professionals, and this is where your valuable donations go....

The Proudlove family would sincerely like to thank Harry Garland & swim crew to rotto & also his lovely family which we had the pleasure to meet last night. Our family are absolutely amazed in the amount raised so far from the generosity of public & friends. The money raised will not only go towards a much needed standing machine for Waz, but also to keep up his physio therapy sessions which he has 4 times a week along with acupuncture sessions. We have 2 amazing physio's working with Waz; Ruth Anderson & Laura Hutchinson. Our family would like to express our thanks to everyone for your support so that we can give Waz every chance to progress.

Warrick celebrates his 24th birthday with thanks...

Posted on 19/01/2016 03:11 PM

Trish & Kevin want to give a special thanks to Alecia Pinkney who is the coordinator of Wazza's care company, My Place, and & a big thank you to Erinn Hetherington for making a special return trip back to Perth: along with his sister Alix these lovely girls escorted Waz to an open air concert in Fremantle featuring Angus & Julia Stone to help Waz celebrate his 24th birthday.

Sensational Christmas Tea

by Trish Proudlove

Posted on 19/01/2016 03:07 PM

We were treated by MyPlace coordinator Alecia along with the care crew for Christmas tea. These guys do an absolute fantastic job helping me care for Waz at home, Kevin and I could not ask for any better, so a big thank you. (Trish Proudlove)

Steve Murphy's story...

Posted on 10/02/2013 05:08 PM

Warrick Proudlove has, over the last twenty months, become a household name but tragically for the wrong reason. Warrick was seriously injured in a horrific car accident on 15th July 2011 when the car he was travelling in as a passenger collided with a horse and then a tree on Albany Highway 10kms outside of Mount Barker.

Since Warrick’s accident, his parents Trish and Kevin Proudlove have been overwhelmed with the level of support from Warrick’s friends, the Claremont Football Club community, of which Warrick was a talented member who showed great promise and readiness for the AFL rookie list, and his hometown community of Albany. A dedicated group of friends and professionals from all walks of life who have a connection with Warrick and his family in one way or another, banded together to form The Proudies Foundation Inc and have welcomed strong support from thousands of willing donors who are eager to help Warrick and his family in their fight for his recovery.

Donations have come in many forms of generosity from many different people and the latest gift from a group of generous workers has once again left Trish and Kevin speechless. "Thank you just doesn’t seem to cut it" said Kevin Proudlove of their special donation of time, effort and commitment towards helping Trish and Kevin modify their newly purchased family home in Landsdale, where they hope to bring Warrick home to in the future.

It all began when Kevin and Trish needed some advice and called on Warrick’s past employer, Steven Murphy, of Steven Murphy Electrical in Jolimont, where Warrick had completed seven months of his electrical apprenticeship before the night of his accident.

Trish and Kevin were looking at installing some new air conditioners in the house in order to keep Warrick comfortable on his home visits. So they called in Steve to give them advice on what system would be suitable. Immediately after his visit, Steve swung into gear and organised a band of 18 eager volunteers who collectively supplied, installed and wired six air conditioners, 28 LED down lights and twenty one solar panels in an incredible 7 hours!

Steven Murphy took a request to David Sydenham of Metaflux, (suppliers of Mitsubishi Commercial products) to source and supply 5 new air conditioning units. David generously supplied the units at a heavily discounted price. In addition, to help redistribute the power load, David also donated LED down lights, and 28 in total were installed throughout the house.

But the generosity didn’t just stop there. Another phone call from Steve, and Bryn De Jonghe from Quality Air Solutions came on board to install the air conditioners, with the help of his colleagues Chris Matthews and Ben Stone. Of course the air conditioners also needed to be wired by qualified electricians; no problem as Steven Murphy and eleven of his employees along with Josh Slobe of Sonic Electrical came together to fit the new units and relocate an existing one.

During the process, Kevin realised the generous savings he and Trish made from the discounted units meant they were now able to look at purchasing some solar energy to offset the power costs to run the units. Once again, suppliers were incredibly eager to help out and Darren Bender from Scholz Group, Malaga, supplied 20 new solar panels again at a discounted price. These were then fitted, free of charge, by Sam Alliston and Chris Webb of Camtec Solar.

On the 2nd of February at 7:00am, you would be forgiven for mistaking Rockdale Pass in Landsdale as the location for a "Home Improvements" TV series shoot as a convoy of tradesmen’s vehicles gathered and dispersed eighteen willing and able gentleman of generous and moral stature! They immediately set about their coordinated team work. By 10am they were grateful for the morning ‘smoko’ supplied by Steve’s office girls Cathy Guy and Cindy Jones, and tradesman Tyson Hathway's girlfriend Emma Anderson, who arrived bearing a huge platter of home-made sushi rolls. Trish gratefully quenched their thirst in the 39 degree heat with supplies of water, cold beer and Gatorade.

Trish and Kevin were left astounded and humbled when, after no more than seven hours, their house was now fully equipped with brand new air conditioning units, LED lights and solar panels for no more than their original quote for air conditioners alone.

Kevin and Trish can never get accustomed to the overwhelming support from the public in the fight for Warrick’s recovery, which has been, and will continue to be, a difficult time for the family, least of all Warrick, who remains in a vegetative state but continues to show small but inconsistent improvements. The Proudlove’s world was turned upside down but their suffering has been eased by the continuous support from not only the people who have been connected to Warrick in some way in the past, but also through the empathy of generous strangers who are keen to help. In some way or other, Warrick’s story has touched thousands. Trish and Kevin Proudlove, along with Warrick's brother and sister, Mark and Alix, would like to thank the tradesmen and suppliers who made the renovations for the comfort and recovery of Warrick possible:

Steven Murphy Electrical: Steven Murphy, Tyson Hathaway, Ben Myers, Jake Murphy, Mattie McGuire, Tom Cremasio, Shawn Williams, Tom Sprowl, Tom Bowering, Matty Secries, Dave Walsh and Dave Cox. Camtec Solar; Sam Alliston and Chris Webb. Sonic Electrical; Josh Slobe. Quality Air Solutions; Bryn De Jonghe, Chris Matthews, and Ben Stone. Scholz Group; Darren Bender. Metaflex; David Sydenham.

David metalflex went on the Saturday to Wangara office so they could pick up the last air conditioner.